Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to pink  acrylic bases. A Partial Denture may have a metal framework and clasps that attach/ retain to the existing teeth. In some cases, a Partial Denture needs assistance with retention. You will need a Oral Health Certificate from your dentist for a clinician to be able to start your treatment. Your clinician will collaborate with your dentist providing you with your best options.

Over time, adjustments to the Partial Denture may be necessary. As a person ages, their mouth naturally changes bone and gum ridges can shrink. All adjustments should be made by your clinician. The type of Partial Denture needs to be considered for fit, aesthetics comfort and ease to add additional teeth.  A consultation with your clinician and dentist will determine the best options. Your Partial Denture should be checked and cleaned annually by your clinician.  It is also recommended to see your dentist for routine cleanings and oral health checks. 

There are three types of Partial Dentures you can choose from



Cast Partial (Chrome Cobalt Frame) 

  • An Acrylic Partial Denture is made with an acrylic resin. It uses metal hooks and clasps to stay in place without the use of a metal frame.
  • This partial denture is commonly made as a temporary or transitional partial denture but is also a permanent solution to filling in gaps in the mouth. An Acrylic Partial Denture may also be used immediately after an extraction to replace the missing teeth.
  • A Flexible Partial Denture is made with a thermoplastic material instead of the standard metal frame and clasps of other partial dentures. This material is designed to look just like natural gum tissue. This results in the most natural and aesthetically consistent partial denture available.
  • A Flexible Partial Denture is ideal for anyone that wants a natural looking replacement for their missing teeth without metal showing. This option is best suited for individuals that have otherwise healthy dentition, adding teeth and making adjustments are not as easy with the thermoplastic material as other partial denture materials.
  • A Cast Partial Denture is the simplest and most ideal prosthesis for restoring missing teeth. It is durable and rigid.  It is easy to add more teeth to this denture in the future. A cobalt chrome frame holds the fabricated teeth in place while metal clasps fit over the remaining natural teeth to hold the entire denture in place.
  • A Cast Partial Denture provides an effective and practical method of replacing lost teeth. This is an excellent option as teeth can be added to the denture. Cast Partials are extremely rigid, hygienic for the mouth and designed to last a long time. Like any denture, the Cast Partial Denture will help with chewing of food, and restoring a full smile.