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Complete Denture

Patients that have no remaining natural dentition in their mouth are offered our customized range of complete dentures.

Partial Denture

Patients that have some natural dentition remaining, have the options of either Acrylic, Cobalt Chrome or Flexible cosmetic partial dentures.

Immediate Denture

Immediate Denture is a denture to be fitted by the dentist or oral surgeon at the time of the extraction of your natural teeth.

Reline, Repair & Denture Cleaning

Reline can be done within an hour (Temporary) or on the same day (Permanent).

About Us

Wilson Denture Design is a Nelson based denture clinic run by two brothers Majd and Nibras Issa. Both are NZ registered and qualified Clinical Dental Technicians with years of experience in the industry. Their aim is to use and apply the latest information in the world of dentures to provide high quality and affordable dentures to their patients.

We only offer the best quality and aim to provide the best material and service that goes into our products so you can feel great wearing them everyday.

Our Goal is...

To provide care collaboratively with our dental colleagues ensuring our work is done in a trustworthy and optimised manner.

We ensure we use material of the highest quality to ensure your we restore your confidence in your smile

Our Philosophy is simple we create more than a denture we create a quality of life fix and the ultimate patient experience.

We treat our patients as family,” once a patient always a patient”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of dentures can vary and depends on the condition of your teeth and the type of prosthesis you need fabricated. Every patient is unique and requires a different approach. We highly recommend you book a FREE consultation with one of our expert clinicians at Wilson Denture Design. During our consultations we will thoroughly examine your case and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan along with a clear and descriptive quote.

It is common to experience some gum discomfort in the first few weeks after receiving your denture, especially following the extraction and the fitting of the new dentures. The pain, swelling and discomfort can be common, but will improve as healing occurs. Your clinician be able to make minor adjustments to your denture as needed.

There are several types of dentures to suit your needs according to your existing oral health conditions. If you are unsure what the right denture is for you, give us a call and book in for your free consultation with one of our expert clinicians, they will assess your case and suggest the optimum treatment option to suit your needs.

You have two options available to you. The first one which we call Immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are inserted straight after extractions. This type of denture must be adjusted accordingly after the initial placement of the denture and relined between 3 to 6 months later until the healing process is complete.

The second option is a delayed immediate. This is where you get your denture/s done 3 to 4 months post-extractions or until the healing phase is complete.

Denture Clinic


Let Our Denture Clinic Restore Your Smile


To enjoy a healthy diet and a confident smile, Wilson Denture Design denture clinic tailor-makes complete and partial dental prosthetics from high-quality materials customised to your requirements.


Background to the Development of a Denture Set


While many people think of a full set of dentures floating in a glass of water beside their grandparents’ bed, there are multiple other forms, each possessing its unique benefits. When lifestyle and age start affecting your teeth, you have the confidence of knowing that you can restore your smile with our specially designed dentures Nelson)

       Missing teeth. There are numerous ways to lose a tooth, including physical impact and oral disease. If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to a tooth’s removal, which could ultimately result in the adjacent teeth shifting position. These leaning teeth can create spaces for food to accumulate and bacteria to mutate. Missing teeth also change your facial structure and ability to speak and alters the way you eat. Without teeth, the gums bear the brunt of chewing, which causes discomfort. Our partial denture design can complete your smile and restore your eating habits.

       Loose teeth. Often a sign of an underlying condition, loose teeth can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. As this issue occurs underneath your gums, you require a dentist to diagnose the cause of your wobbly teeth. In most cases, the safest solution is to extract the affected teeth and visit a dental prosthetist to design a set of Immediate Dentures to prevent your remaining teeth from moving into the gaps.

       Improved appearance. Unhealthy lifestyles can affect your mouth and the appearance of your teeth. Bad habits like smoking, recreational drugs, and coffee drinking not only affect the aesthetics of your teeth but can also cause decay from underneath your gums. In many cases, teeth are too far gone for repair. Dentures provide a new lease on your smile and can restore your confidence.



Key Questions to Ask Wilson Denture Design About Nelson Dentures


Although durable, we manufacture our dentures from delicate materials that could break if dropped. Store them in a safe place when not in use.


       How long do dentures last? We manufacture our dentures from a range of quality materials, including acrylic and cross-linked resins. No matter which option you choose, our dentures average a lifespan of around seven to ten years. Over the years, your denture’s fit will inevitably change. This could be due to shifting bone structure or not wearing your dentures regularly. We recommend you check your dentures every two years, which we provide free of charge. We can reline them if required to ensure a comfortable fit.

       How do I care for my dentures? Normal toothpaste is for real teeth, often containing chemicals to promote their strengthening and whitening. Toothpaste may scratch your dentures, and the chemicals may make them brittle. We recommend using denture cleaners such as Caldent and Polident, paired with a denture brush, followed by a soaking overnight.

       Is it possible to colour-match my denture to my remaining teeth? We are highly skilled in the art of shade matching when it comes to partial dentures. Thanks to our modern technology, your dentures reflect a natural look, blending into your surrounding teeth. As we can’t whiten dentures, and if you’re looking for a bright white smile, we recommend you have your teeth whitened before we make your prosthetics.

       Do I need to use an adhesive to keep them in place? Properly fitted dentures should not require any adhesives to keep them in place. However, if you feel you require extra security, denture adhesive can provide you with added confidence. Adhesives come in the form of gels, pastes, powders, and pads that mixes with your saliva to provide an elasticised grip. If you decide to use an adhesive, ensure your clean your dentures every day to kill bacteria.


Why Trust Wilson Denture Design Regarding Dentures in Nelson


Our passion for restoring beautiful smiles allows us to provide top quality services paired with technologically advanced products. Our durable materials translate into natural smiles, which not only boost your confidence but restores your quality of life when eating and speaking. Our offering includes full and partial dentures, as well as relining, repairs, and cleaning. Take advantage of our mobile service for dentures near Nelson, where we come to you. Contact us for more information.