Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of denture can vary and depends on the condition of your teeth and wether you’re getting full set of dentures or single arch. Every patient is unique and requires a different approach. We highly recommend to book a consultation with Wilson Denture Design first, then they will thoroughly examine your condition and provide you an estimate of the cost of getting dentures.

Yes, it is commonly to experience some gum pain and discomfort in the first few weeks after receiving your denture, especially following the extraction and the fitting of the new dentures. The pain, swelling and discomfort can be very common, but will slowly to disappear once the healing is completed as well as being adjusted by the clinician.

There are several types of dentures to suit your needs according to your existing oral health conditions. If you are unsure what type of denture is for you, contact us for an appointment with one of our expert clinicians, they will assess the condition and suggest the best option to suit your needs.

Usually, can be placed straight away after the extraction called Immediate denture. This type of denture must be adjusted accordingly after the initially placement of the denture and relined between 3 to 6 months later until the healing process is completed.

we recommend every 2 years to be checked by the clinician and this denture health care is FREE of CHARGE.

We offer the same day service, but it depends on which material to be used. Contact us (03) 546 8551 for a FREE Consultation.

We accept EFTPOS, WINZ payments, Internet Banking, Cash and Cheques. We also provide free WINZ and insurance quote.

Yes, our adaptive payment plan will be arranged and customized to patient’s needs but the bill needs to be settled within 6 months. Contact us for further information.

There are several stages in denture fabrication (these may vary depending on the type of denture you have made):

  • Consultation
    • This will be your first appointment and is COMPLIMENTARY and OBLIGATION FREE. We may charge if a second opinion and report is required.
  • Primary impression(s)
    • Using a fast set coulur change-flavoured alginate material to take an impression of your mouth.
  • Special tray(s):
    • A customized personal tray will be created from the initial impression and use to perform another impression taking of your mouth. This allows us to get the most precise copy of your mouth.
  • Bite Registration
    • A technique used to determine & measure the relationship between your upper and lower jaw. We will also discuss your aesthetics expectations (Photographs that you can provide would be of assistance).
  • Try-in
    • This is your opportunity to preview the new denture with the teeth set in the wax and ask your opinion, which allows you to assess the aesthetics of your new denture, and make any changes, prior to the denture being completed. You must be 100% satisfied before giving consent to process as any changes after this will be impossible without any additional fee being charged. The full cost of treatment will be due for payment at the Insertion appointment and is non-refundable.
  • Insertion
    • Your final appointment is where you take your complete denture home. We will advice you what to expect and how to take care of your new denture.
  • Post Insertion Check
      • During adaption period, you may experience some pains and discomfort. Small adjustments may also require after the insertion of the denture to relieve some certain pain and discomfort.

All appointments are included in the cost of your denture.

Learning How to Eat with Dentures Comes Easily with Our Dentures

Dentures are foreign objects, so it makes sense that you need to learn to adjust to accommodate them. You will need to learn how to eat with dentures, what foods to avoid, and perhaps even how to pronounce certain words. Our dental clinicians will guide you with what foods to start with and what foods to avoid completely. Correct fitting of your dentures will help you to adapt to them quickly and settle into comfortably eating solid food. At Wilson Denture Design, we strive to make high-quality, comfortable, and realistic-looking dentures to provide you with the perfect smile.


Tips Regarding Eating with Dentures

It is advisable to start eating soft foods that don’t require excessive chewing for a few days when you first wear dentures. The temptation to eat red meat, raw vegetables, and crunchy food might be hard to resist. Still, it is best to avoid them for a few days as chewing these types of foods will put your underlying gum tissue under unnecessary stress that could result in irritation and inflammation.

  • Pureed foods, cooked cereals, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, and mashed potatoes are nutritious and won’t put your gums and jaw muscles under strain.
  • Check the temperature of hot food against your lips; the insulating effect of dentures will prevent you from judging temperature accurately, and you could burn your tongue and palate.
  • Avoid spicy foods if your gums have any sores, as the spice could cause stinging.

Chewing with dentures takes a bit of adjustment. Try to eat nutritious food like fish, eggs, cooked vegetables, soups, and yoghurt, as they require minimal chewing. Once you’ve moved to harder foods, cut your food into bite-size pieces to make chewing easier.

  • To maintain the stability of your dentures, try distributing your food evenly so that you chew your food with both sides of your mouth simultaneously.
  • Avoid chewing gum as it tends to stick to the dentures and can be difficult to remove.
  • If you love hard sweets, there is no need to give them up; you can still enjoy them by sucking them. Biting or chewing hard sweets will cause serious damage to your partial dentures.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Wilson Denture Design

Majd and Nibras Issa run our denture clinic here in Nelson New Zealand, and both received their post-graduate degrees in Clinical Dental Technology from the University of Otago. They are registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand Institute of Dental Technologists. We work in conjunction with dental professionals and collaborate to provide the best quality care and options for long-term results. We have laboratory facilities on our premises which allows us to return complete denture repairs within a few hours. Our technicians handcraft new dentures specific to the individual patient’s requirements. Having our technicians on-site allows for minor adjustments to be done while the patient is here for their fitment. Contact us to book a free consultation, and let us return your smile with our comfortable, high-quality dentures.


Weigh Up the Cost of False Teeth in NZ

If your missing teeth have been causing you to have low self-esteem, then it may be time to look at the cost of false teeth. At Wilson Denture Design, we know that having dentures fitted is not only for cosmetic reasons, but they will also help improve your speech and quality of life when it comes to eating. When you book an appointment with us, we will assess the situation and advise you on which type of dentures are best suited for your needs.


How Much do Dentures Cost in NZ?

How much dentures cost in New Zealand will vary but there are a few standard factors that will determine the price. Here are a few of the factors that may determine how much you could pay for your dentures:


  • Materials of teeth used. There are a few different types of materials that are used to make dentures. These include double-layered acrylic, cross linked resin, and a nanohybrid composite.
  • Partial dentures. After your denture specialist has assessed your case, they will advise on what type of partial denture maybe best suited to your mouth. There are three different types on partials (Acrylic, Nylon and Metal). The price does vary depending on which one we decide on.)
  • Full denture/s. The cost of full dentures varies mainly on the type of teeth we use as explained above. But if you decide on Implant Overdentures or Fixed dentures the cost does change and it is best to ask your denture specialist during your free consultation.)


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