Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of denture can vary and depends on the condition of your teeth and wether you’re getting full set of dentures or single arch. Every patient is unique and requires a different approach. We highly recommend to book a consultation with Wilson Denture Design first, then they will thoroughly examine your condition and provide you an estimate of the cost of getting dentures.

Yes, it is commonly to experience some gum pain and discomfort in the first few weeks after receiving your denture, especially following the extraction and the fitting of the new dentures. The pain, swelling and discomfort can be very common, but will slowly to disappear once the healing is completed as well as being adjusted by the clinician.

There are several types of dentures to suit your needs according to your existing oral health conditions. If you are unsure what type of denture is for you, contact us for an appointment with one of our expert clinicians, they will assess the condition and suggest the best option to suit your needs.

Usually, can be placed straight away after the extraction called Immediate denture. This type of denture must be adjusted accordingly after the initially placement of the denture and relined between 3 to 6 months later until the healing process is completed.

we recommend every 2 years to be checked by the clinician and this denture health care is FREE of CHARGE.

We offer the same day service, but it depends on which material to be used. Contact us (03) 546 8551 for a FREE Consultation.

We accept EFTPOS, WINZ payments, Internet Banking, Cash and Cheques. We also provide free WINZ and insurance quote.

Yes, our adaptive payment plan will be arranged and customized to patient’s needs but the bill needs to be settled within 6 months. Contact us for further information.

There are several stages in denture fabrication (these may vary depending on the type of denture you have made):

  • Consultation
    • This will be your first appointment and is COMPLIMENTARY and OBLIGATION FREE. We may charge if a second opinion and report is required.
  • Primary impression(s)
    • Using a fast set coulur change-flavoured alginate material to take an impression of your mouth.
  • Special tray(s):
    • A customized personal tray will be created from the initial impression and use to perform another impression taking of your mouth. This allows us to get the most precise copy of your mouth.
  • Bite Registration
    • A technique used to determine & measure the relationship between your upper and lower jaw. We will also discuss your aesthetics expectations (Photographs that you can provide would be of assistance).
  • Try-in
    • This is your opportunity to preview the new denture with the teeth set in the wax and ask your opinion, which allows you to assess the aesthetics of your new denture, and make any changes, prior to the denture being completed. You must be 100% satisfied before giving consent to process as any changes after this will be impossible without any additional fee being charged. The full cost of treatment will be due for payment at the Insertion appointment and is non-refundable.
  • Insertion
    • Your final appointment is where you take your complete denture home. We will advice you what to expect and how to take care of your new denture.
  • Post Insertion Check
      • During adaption period, you may experience some pains and discomfort. Small adjustments may also require after the insertion of the denture to relieve some certain pain and discomfort.

All appointments are included in the cost of your denture.